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June 9, 2022

Silja Thor : When The Bubble Bursts

Recovery from a financial wipeout is never easy, but there is always the danger of repeating the past patterns.  My guest on the show today is a serial entrepreneur, and has started nine separate companies, she had an amazing journey through these different projects.

Like all of our storytellers on this show, there is much to be discovered in the rebuilding process.

Silja Thor was born in Iceland; after finishing high school, the plan was to go to university and get a job in international development. However, she decided to put uni on hold, take a job as an Air Hostess and travel for a year.

It was 2004 she was 21years old and living in Edinburgh when she started her first business in telecoms, it was very successful. She was young and naive and did not understand VAT, but it all worked out.

By 2006 she had exited the company and returned to Iceland because it was booming; she opened a new business connecting trade services. By 2008  she was employing staff, and everything was going in the right direction.

There was a little bit of sadness with a breakup with a business partner, but she bought him out, and the only way was up.

The Prime minister said, “God bless Iceland.” 

The financial crash in October 2008 took her business, her saving and her home.

Our conversation is a recovery story, but it is about how you recover and rebuild. Silja was in danger of repeating past errors by creating a business that would again consume her.


A few years on, now living in the Netherlands and with a new successful business, newly divorced and a single Mum. She noticed that her daughter was always the last one to leave daycare and that she was missing her growing up. That realisation changed her perspective; it changed how she does business and how she runs her life. 

Today Silja Thor is a business mentor, speaker & author who helps clients build successful and profitable businesses without sacrificing personal lives. It is about aligning every part of their business with their zone of genius to set the stage for the growth they want to achieve.  



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