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June 12, 2022

Shortcast : Mind Tricks of C19

Last Monday, I did the test, and COVID had come to visit after two years.

To be honest, it was pretty apparent by this point. But the journey to that test was eventful, and I thought it would make for an interesting reflection. 

Before I realised it was COVID, my mind was playing tricks on me, and I thought I was started to have onset dementia, the narratives we create..

The story began the previous Wednesday; I decided to give my foot a test and do a hard effort session. For those not in the running world, a strenuous effort is running at max heart rate for a distance or time, followed by resting before going again.

I did 10 x 1 minute with 2 mins of rest. 

It was a good session and it is hard on the body so it is not unusual to feel it the day after. I felt odd, but I put it down to the strenuous efforts.

I did a good warm-up on Friday and ran my fastest timed mile at 7.14. I felt fine, but I had a chest thing going on and put it down to the running.  I did a 40-minute club efforts session and another high heart rate session on Saturday.

I went home tired, and it did not go away. I had a few naps, and it still did not go. I don't do colds; I push through, using mindfulness and bullying. Throughout the week, I was forgetful, absent-minded, daydreaming and just not present.

 Monday did a test, and it practically lit up in seconds.

So I had COVID, but only when I had permission to stop did I take the time I needed to slow down and be gentle with myself.

It did make me realise that my mindset was in a hole last week, and it was not because of all the things I was calling myself for not pushing on. It was because I was ill.

I must remember to permit myself to be; the answer is not always to push through. When do you push when perhaps you need to be kind?


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