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July 31, 2022

Shortcast : Feelings and Emotions

Were you aware of any strong feelings or emotions this week?

We are about to start a series of shortcast on the theme of feeling and emotion, and today I thought to explore why I have come to this. 

I realised that I could go a whole week and not be aware of my emotions. Now the reality is I have them, but they are being experienced without my awareness.

There is every possibility that I am reacting to these triggered emotions and may be acting inappropriately, given the situation.

I got onto this thinking train because I had an emotional response to a piece of music on a playlist.

We live in a world designed to trigger our emotions. We are being pushed to react our feelings are a big part of our lives, and yet we give them so little thought.

Join me in this short exploration of why it is vital that we become aware of our thoughts and feelings.

And yes, there is a little bit of homework if you want it.  ( Smile )



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