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May 1, 2022

Shortcast : Destiny Of Luck

In this show, I am exploring the destiny of luck and exploring how you could bring more luck in your direction. 

Does it needle you when you hear about someone getting crowned with success or life's prizes? Do you see other people as just lucky?

I was thinking about this after a conversation with a guest AJ Lawrence; he told the story of an intern who left his company and became employee no five at eBay.

I can only imagine what those stock options must have been like for early investors.

Was that guy just lucky to find that role? I am sure millions of people became interns at companies that went nowhere.  We only hear about the ones that made it.

But what if you could create your luck?

I think you can check out the show and explore that idea with me; listen to the end, and there are some resources to help you on that road.   


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