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June 15, 2022

Paul Baron : Life Long Relationships

It can be said that life is about the connections, collaborations and relationships that we build. While it is possible to go through life alone, it would be a lonely journey.

My guest in the show at the time of recording was in his 70th year and is still in daily contact with a friend from grade school. They met when they were just four years old.

Our conversation is the celebration of an ongoing journey Paul Baron has 50 years of business experience. That was not the plan; he graduated college with a mathematics degree and became a teacher while studying for a master's. 


He also liked to play tennis at a high level. A tennis partner and friend pointed out there were no retail options for professional Tennis or sports goods in their town. It was 1974; everything in retail would be new; they opened the first of 3 pro tennis shops. Paul's path in teaching and mathematics ended, and his business career began.

Over the last 40 years, he has been a product specialist identifying gaps in the US market, working with companies in the UK, Australia, USSR and China to fill those opportunities. He has had success and failures but has always enjoyed the journey.

Paul is your classic gentleman salesman, charming and full of stories. He is a mentor in the local start-up community in Bloomington and sits on the advisory board for business school at the University of North Carolina. He never entirely left teaching behind.
There is much to be learnt from our conversation, like the changes that modern technology has brought into the sales journey, which he calls the new rules of selling.

Paul has retired many times but always finds a new reason to get back into a business. The latest significant investment is a vertical printing machine that can print an image directly to a wall or surface. 


I hope you enjoy the conversation with Paul Baron 



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