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August 10, 2022

Matt Ward : The Value of Caring

In this show, we are exploring freedom, making choices and living the life you want to live, but more importantly, we are looking at the value of caring.  

We all care about those close to us, family and friends, but what about other people? Caring is an underrated value. My guest's formative years were at a unique school where he learned the value and importance of caring. It has shaped his life and work, bringing him everything he ever wanted.

Matt Ward was born the 3rd child to a low-income family with problems. He is the only sibling to finish High school, go to college and avoid prison.

How he avoided the path to jail is down to the universe giving him a break. At the age of 10 (sixth grade), he received a scholarship to the Milton Hershey Boarding School.

Attending this school put Matt on a new path; it taught him values, one of which was caring, and it became the theme of his life.

He left the Hershey School and went to college, he was interested and hotel and restaurant management, but that did not work out for him, as he did not have the interest or patience for cooking.

While volunteering at a youth football club in 1999, an opportunity appeared.  They needed a website for this new internet craze, and Matt got asked to build it. Once other clubs saw the result, they all wanted a website, so he started a web design business. 

The business grew year on year and employed eight people. Matt’s focus was always sales and relationships. He particularly enjoyed speaking at events and meeting people.

By 2018 the business was still growing but not feeding his soul; he was working hard but felt he was going nowhere. He sold it to one of his employees for a seven-figure sum and stepped out into the world of professional speaking.

Our conversation as always is about the journey. It is about self-discovery,  the moving towards freedom and living by the phrase “ Do me ”. 

We talk about friendship and building relationships, it is a place where men often struggle when the context is outside of work.  Matt thrives around the idea of freedom and the joy of living. His purpose is speaking and sharing the concept of caring but also about sharing the school that changed his life.

Since starting on his speaking journey, Matt has written three books,  The host at The Mass Business Podcast, a paid keynote speaker and a word-of-mouth referral consultant.



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