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July 14, 2022

Jurgen Strauss : Valued Relationships

Do you pick your challenges? Are you ready to make a break to get what you want? 

My guest on the show today is one of those people. He tells me he has been lucky and life has treated him well, and it has, but I suspect that is because he was prepared to take the opportunities as they arrived.

Jürgen Strauss was born in Germany as a child; his family emigrated to Australia. In the late 1950s, Australia was a very English culture. As a German-speaking child with a funny name and accent, he experienced a lot of prejudice.

His father was an engineer looking for something practical and went to college and got a degree in chemistry. Staying in education, he used his language skills to find a post-doctoral fellowship at a German university.

It was amazing to be back in his motherland, and the work was challenging and exciting.

After two years, he left to work at the chemical company Agfa. At the time leading manufacturer of chemical film and processing. He was part of the team that developed some unique chemistry for a photographic paper that could develop slide images. It went to market simultaneously as the first digital cameras appeared.

Jurgen could see the writing on the wall. By now, he was married and with a young child. Taking his family's historical lead, I guess they chose to return to Australia.

Our conversation is a beautiful story of progression; we cover values, networking, relationships and being an introvert in business and the power of podcasting.  



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