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March 23, 2022

Graham Brown : 3 Plane Tickets and No Plan

Some of us dream about dropping everything and taking off, but what happens when you do and more to the point what is that makes an entrepreneur with a growing business cash it all in, get on a plane with his family and become nomads.

Our show is about the call to adventure.

Sometimes it takes a wake-up call to see life for what it is, “fragile”. We all assume it will go on forever, and the story will play out well. In reality, we cannot make those assumptions; all we can do is live our best life by taking control of the story. 


Graham Brown was a star in the telecoms industry, a leader in data research and trends. But it was the death of his father that made him ask the important questions and give it all up for 3 plane tickets and no plans.

As you will hear life in paradise is not all Instagram moments. 

Graham is a gentle soul that has learnt much on his travels, above all, it was the importance of finding your story.

Today Graham has produced over 1500 podcasts, written 4 books, speaks live on podcasts and helps major brands define and tell their story.

Let's join the conversation with Graham Brown.



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