Exploring the creativity of the human spirit with just five simple questions. Those questions give us a window to explore the journey and life story of people that look like they have it sorted.


Welcome to the second part of my conversation with John purpose. To bring you up to speed if you have missed the first part. John got to the point in his life where he realised someone else was in control.

We were 40mintes in and only just got to the success model. It was such a rich conversation I did not want to edit so hence the part two.

What is clear is that once he decided to surrender to the process to move forward, everything changed. The results of that was he secured a job that paid £125000 and year. That is 150000 + US Dollars from my American friends. In 1997 in the UK that was a cracking salary and I'm sure it was a pretty good salary in USA.

We go on to talk about meditation, mindfulness and transcendental meditation. Our conversation was boundless in a way explored how his books pour out of him, and that never suffers from writers' block.

There was the discovery of a guru that completely changed his life, by showing him the process of completion. It was this process that to the book the power of letting go.

The point is we are all reacting out of past pain moving beyond that pain is a path of personal release and would change the world.

We explore Johns process and some of the benefits that he has experiences in the process.

Our whole conversation is about enlightenment and letting go. It is a beautiful conclusion to the story of John Purkiss.


Check out the book The Power of Letting go 

if you'd like to get in touch with John you can find him at



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My guests on today's programme is Brian Clayton, and he is the uber for grass cutting. Byan has a fascinating story. At 13 years old and playing his Nintendo, his dad made him go and cut from a neighbour's lawn.

The neighbour paid him $20, and he got to wonder how many lawns could he cut.

By the time he was in high school, he had 200 customers, fast forward a few years and while at college he was employing five people. 

On graduation, there was a choice. Take a pay cut and get a job or build the business. Bryon went on to create one of the largest landscaping businesses in Tenessee.  

His employees were his family; the business gave interest-free loans to change the lives of their families. We at talking sending kids to college and building a supermarket in Guatemala 

By 2013 he had taken the business to 150 and $10 million, and it was time to move on, so he sold the company to Lusa holdings.

He tried retirement for a while but needed more of a challenge. He realised how difficult it was for the homeowner to get reliable lawn care. 


Seeing the growth of uber and other services, he thought it would be a simple process to create an app to do the job. 


What followed was an 8-year journey and lots of personal development, Greenpal will break through $20 million.


The business is more than a simple booking system, the homeowner gets quotes within 60seconds, and the grass cutter gets a business system in a box. The app does everything for them from sending the quote to booking the appointment and taking the payment.


Just like the previous business Bryan has created something that is making a real difference for all involved. 


What started as a simple chore to cut the neighbour's lawn has grown into something that changes many lives. 


Bryan is a role model; his life is a story of living with the edge, personal development and leadership.


It is an inspiring story and well worth a listen, I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did. 



 And that was life passion and business with Paul Harvey Brian Clayton if you would like to connect with Brian you can find him on 



Have you completed our audience survey it's just 5-minutes most of the questions multiple choice and it would support us develop this program and the content? 


 Would like to say a big thank you to all that have contributed so far.

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The topic is contribution.

The question only appeared in the podcast late last year and it came about because I started to realise that people were telling me about it. I think contribution and the why are linked together, it's something to do with your purpose for being on the planet.

To ask that question is very valid because it helps us explore the reasons behind the actions that people choose.

Just a quick thank you and to those people that have competed the listener survey. If not you can find it at and I will be delighted to receive your feedback.

The next show will be on Wednesday and that will be with Brian Clayton and he is the uber of grass cutting little bit of mystery for you..

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The second week on the journey through the podcast questions. As you will see this question opens a lot of conversation as it is fundamental to how we live our life. 

Do you have a minute can you complete my listener survey, it will take you just 5 minutes. 

Pretty please?.... 

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A recording of the sum up session with Suzy Beaumont at the end of the Living beyond the Change virtual summit. 


Find more detail here

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Fiona English exploring spirituality in the 21st Century and reverse podcasting. It is an unusual show in that I am being reverse podcasted, is that even a verb?

Fiona is a positive psychologist and she is exploring spirituality. Where do you sit with community religion and spirituality?

Over the last 20 years, organised religion in the UK and to some extent in Ireland has taken a backseat. Church going membership is still there in the older population. However, churches are not the centre of a community as they were.

Service attendance in the Uk is at an all-time low. People still attend for the significant events, Christmas weddings and funerals. But they are not part of the church community.

I think the loss of community is a big factor in societies problems. No amount of social media is going to replace people coming together for a shared purpose that is not related to political or sport.

Between 50 60 and well into the 70 the majority of the UK population attended a church, on balance it was expected.

I am pleased that pressure to conform has passed, but it has left a vacuum where people choose to mix and communicate in silos. That has lead to the divided society we see today.

My Church Community,

As a child, my family and I went to church, and like most, refreshments were available after the service. People would connect and arrange events and social opportunities. It bolted the community together. My father was there on occasions for the community, not for my mother's faith.

So fast forward 40 + years and the service has no relevance for me. I like the buildings and find the architecture interesting but that's it.

That is my background of where I sit when Fiona approached floated the idea of a reverse podcast. I am always up for a good conversation and how could a refuse.

Exploring Spirituality with Fiona English

Fiona is a coach and business consultant with experience in global investment markets. However, She left the industry to develop a coaching business around positive psychology. It was a calling as, she researches, speaks and writes about Positive Psychology, the science behind what makes individuals and communities flourish.

It is her mission to expand perceptions of spirituality; she believes that we are individually empowered to understand and prioritise our spiritual wellbeing in life. That there is a universality to the experience of spirituality, and it remains a personal path.

If the last two year has taught me anything, I have to agree every is a personal path.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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Children, they have no fear of failure.

Once children get beyond the baby stage, they start to explore; we begin to see their unstoppable determination to engage in the world around them.

From floundering unconscious movement to gaining control of their limbs, babies learn to crawl and eventually walk and run. There may be cries of frustration, but there is no fear of failure.

Adulthood Brings Change

 Fast forward to adulthood, and for many, it is a different picture. 

Somewhere along the way, we learn to say “I can’t” or “I tried that and failed”. I am not doing that it might fail and it will hurt, people will laugh… Fill the blank  

 So where does that determination go? How do we get caught so severely in fear of failure? So much so that we would rather endure discomfort than step out and take a risk. More importantly, what does it take to find the get-up-and-go to overcome that fear? 

I was said somewhere that Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark so he invented the light bulb. It was challenging, and there were many setbacks

 I have not failed. I’ve just found 2,000 ways that won’t work.

We all experience fear of Failure

 Fear of failure is a huge issue in the worlds of business and personal development. That is why I was delighted to meet and interview my guest.

Miha Matlievski – the Fail Coach

He went from running four successful businesses and having a personal net worth of $15M, to being $5M in debt, literally overnight and eventually reaching the point where he was ready to take his own life. It took courage and resilience for Miha to climb back from feeling like a failure to learning from his experiences and empowering others to develop a healthy relationship with failing.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Miha Miha Matlievski The Fail Coach.

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In today's short cast we are looking at gratitude

Every single personal development practice or actually religion come to think about it has some aspect of giving thanks.

In today's programme, we explore the idea of giving thanks and how beneficial it is to record and express gratitude

we look at a process that my family we used throughout advent, and how it made the festive season a little more than just present day. It is something we will definitely repeat next

On this show, we explore the idea of creating a process around gratitude and why that process works so well

This a short just 10 minutes worth your time. Would love to hear your feedback by Email or on Facebook

All the best


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We are all on a mission how we choose to live is our choice 

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"I’m creating resilient kids because education is broken,”

These are the words of my guest Ashley Costello. She has worked in the field of Psychotherapy for over 20 years. It was a TEDx talk last year that brought Ashley to my attention education and children were a big part of my life for a few years..


My son went to a Steiner School and I became very involved, became a trustee and was the chair for a few years. I got to see the inside of education from both sides of the plate. Steiner education with all of its faults is a model for how education could be.

When my son moved into mainstream education I could really see the gap between the two worlds and felt the pain of both.

Hearing Ashley in her TEDx talk spoke to my desire for change.

On the programme, you will hear how Ashley’s interest in psychology stemmed from her A level studies. It was the possibility of helping people that called out to her.

I just knew it was about people and that is where my passion lead.

During her gap year, she went travelling in South America. We are taking serious travel as this was before mobile phones and sat-nav. It was the synchronicity of a missed phone call that set her life on a path.

It led to a course on counselling and eventually into her passion that is physiotherapy. She was one of the youngest people in training and subsequently in practice. She put her ability to excel in the field of therapy while so young was her travel experience.

Today Ashey is about supporting children in education she specialises in children and adolescents mental health.

As said I discovered Ashley when her TEDx talk “Is Education broken?” came up on my facebook feed.

She received so much feedback from that event that it encouraged her to start a new project “The resilient kid”.

It is a programme that looks to fill a gap for parents, teachers, heads, educationalists and everyone who feels as passionate about giving children the tools for a positive future.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Ashley Costello

If you would like to get in touch with Ashley you will find her on Linkedin and facebook 

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Who Are Your 5 people

This podcast is a short and about role models

There is a saying which seems to roll around the business and coaching world that your salary or your capacity for success is a combination of the 5 people that you associate with most.

Now there is some truth in this, what it seems to indicate is the people you associate with are most, will determine how you're going to end up or have you going to act and your level of success.

But I want to explore the idea that we can expand beyond the real world.

This podcast is just 9 minutes and explores the idea of role models, I'll be interested in your feedback.

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On the show we have Deborah Ager she is a book coach. Like many of my guests, she is a LinkedIn connection. I saw a comment while reading one of her posts, it gave me cause to google her name. To my surprise, I discover that she has a Wikipedia page, just like a real celebrity. She will be my first guest ever on this show with a page on Wikipedia. Deborah is not a media celeb, she is, however, a published poet. So what is the life of a famous poet we will find out soon?

But before we go there here's one of my usual Segways. I was in a conversation this week about the challenge, and I may have mentioned this a few weeks ago as we looked at replacing the word struggle with challenge.

I would like you to consider the human need for the challenge.

It has struck me from all the conversations I've had over the last 18 months that there is a strong human desire to push against a boundary and to experience the challenge.

We may be reluctant to change but appreciate the progression when we do. Of course, there are times in our life when we need to sit back and take the breeze. But there is danger of getting stuck in that place where life becomes stale and boring. We all know people who hate the job but will not leave.

I know this one from personal experience, prior to starting This podcast I allowed myself my life to become small, and that led to a dark place. I wouldn't call it depression, but certainly a lacklustre for the journey.

I had lost my appreciation for life. It took the death of my father to recognise my downward spiral. This is the human condition are we destined to become dull and discontented if we stop pushing forward.

There is a popular exercise in most of the best self-help books.

"What would you do with your life if money was no object and you could not fail? "

I have asked this question of myself many times.

I don't actually know. I guess if money were no object, I would throw myself into the climate change crisis and find some way of making a difference.

But, I can still do that without money, and with that awareness, I am exploring our liability for climate change and considering how I might be part of the bigger picture.

I started this little segway looking at the challenge and whether we need it. The overriding opinion is yes, we do.

So what are you doing to challenge yourself?

Would love to hear from you.

Back to this week's guest the book coach that is Deborah Ager.


She is the founder of the Book Activation Method and has been writing professionally for over 20 years. As I said at the beginning there are published works of poetry.

Her writing started early, she wrote copy for the citrus industry. Her words sold a lot of grapefruit, and she discovered 57 ways to describe an orange. It was enough to put herself through graduate school at the University of Florida (for creative writing—what else?)

Before stepping out on her own, most of her employers discovered she could write. And entrusted her with the big proposals, the sales copy or the persuasive PowerPoint presentations.

She has the skills to persuading people to change how they see something

In the five years since she's helped dozens of business owners develop business-building books faster than they could alone. So far, she's collaborated on 22 books.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Deborah Ager

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Thoughts on confidence, we all have the imposter syndrome, it never goes away. However, we can find evidence to keep us secure that we are on target and these fears are just that fears. 

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My guest on the programme is Jock Gibson; he is a farmer and butcher from Dallas, Forres in the North East of Scotland. My home town.

The launch of Change Your World Every Day

If you have listened to podcast 57 on fear and change, You will have heard my conversation with Suzy Beaumont. It was an unscheduled conversation that we decide to do as a Facebook live and it became a podcast.

We had been working together on the Change your world conference and the programme, and the conversation was rolling around that event.

The conference was a major success and brought together a room of amazing people all looking to make changes in their life. Including the wife as it happens.

I said at the time that there would be more, well that opportunity is now open to those beyond Scotland. Change Your World online launches in just a few days. Suzy in pulling in some amazing people and the process features daily actions that will take you forward. even if you are like me and struggle with the concept if goals as yet.

Check out change your links on the life passion and business website.

Now lets get back to farming. and Jock Gibson

Unusually this conversation is not the result of a social media connection. When I arrived here 15 years ago, I became a consultant and did a stint with the local Enterprise company. Jock Gibson was one of my clients. I moved on from that contract, Jock and I kept in touch and have remained social media friends.

Together with his wife, Fiona, they farm beef cattle native to the Scottish Highlands and sell their produce through the family butchers shop Macbeth’s. They supply hotels and restaurants as well as private individuals up and down the country with an online shop. His business is vertical in that they see the process from start to finish.

Jock has become a man of the land. However originally he studied engineering at Manchester University and after completing a couple of years sailing, started work for a building services consultancy in Peterborough. That was not the path, so after another university degree and another engineering job in Glasgow, it was clear that was not the path. So Jock returned to Dallas to take on the family butchery business.

That is a story in itself..

My interest in getting Jock on the show has been his dedication and passion for his industry. He says that farming is the most exciting industry to be in at the moment as there is so much opportunity.

That opportunity came in 2015, after the death of his parents. He and Fiona took on the family farm and now live there with their three children.

Jock is active in the industry as a board member for Quality Meat Scotland, a director for the Farmer Jones Academy and on the steering committee for the Highlands & Islands Food and Drink Awards.

Our conversation is very different from previous guests. It is a hands-on hard job with some harsh realities. Agriculture like every business is facing enormous change. However, they are facing it at every level, with environmental concerns, regulations and political upheaval.

I also want Jock on the show as many of the previous guests have been virtual business or service providers. There is a story here of his family and his success and the challenges that he faces in a tight market.

While we managed to steer clear of Brexit sort of, it's almost impossible because it is such a significant issue in his life. It will affect pretty much everything that he does.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Jock Gibson.

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This week’s podcast started as a podcast short. It was going to be an exploration of the mindset around fear.

As you may know, I have been working Laura Powner on the issues of money and mindset. During this work, I have discovered a lot about my history and how my life has been shaped by fear. I was sharing those thoughts with Suzy Beaumont ( Change Your World), and it became apparent that we should record the conversation. So we decided to explore the discussion as a Facebook live. You can find that on the life passion and business page.

Suzy Beaumont and Change Your World

Suzy is an old friend of the show, having been a guest last year and on the 50th programme.

Suzy Beaumont

I have been working with her for a few months providing marketing support for the next event. The Change Your World conference is on April 7th.

The conference now in its third year brings together some of the most exceptional speakers in areas of mindset and health and fitness. This year will feature subjects like sleep, plant-based diets and goal setting. Something there for everyone so if you are in the Scotland or Inverness area is well worth getting a ticket.

My inspiration for getting involved in working on this project with Suzy is the synergy between Changes Your World and Life Passion and Business.

This podcast was created for me to explore and understand my own life, and Suzy started Change Your World events because she wanted to share her journey. We are both looking to support people in the pursuit of something better.

On the show, I share my realisations about money but particularly my relationship with fear and money. We explore what it means and how it has affected our lives.

Our conversation lead on to what people will discover at the event on the 7th of April. While that may not be of interested directly, the content is valuable, and shortly, there will be an opportunity to get involved with Cange your world as it goes global.

Early heads up.

Change your world will be starting an online programme within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our conversation


Turbo Coaching

Do you want to make changes and get stuff done? Yes, even without goals stuff needs to happen. The check out this page as there is a free offer, that will be closing soon.

If you have questions or comments or would like to be a guest.  Use the podcast app to comment or reach out to me on Facebook or LinkedIn.  I am easy to find.

Also if you would like to be a guest on this show, do you know someone with a good story? Check out the guest page and lets talk.


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