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This week I am talking to Moyra Gorski about wellness. The importance of looking after the mind the body and being open to exploring the journey.

Moyra is a fellow podcast host who, like me was guided to start her own show to share a message of hope. It was her daughter’s health issues that lead her to start sharing stories of health and recovery. 


Morya Gorski is one of 4 siblings her mother said was always the peacekeeper, the relationship person the caregiver.

Growing up she was fascinated by hospital TV  shows and had an interest in science. When to college to study chemistry, but on hearing about a nursing programme she signed up.

With Bachelors in nursing, she went to specialise in rehabilitation to help paraplegics and stroke patients. She did that for 8 years before leaving and going into medical sales for specialist hospital equipment.

That is where she met a future husband and left it all behind to be a full-time Mum of 4 

It was the medical problems with one of her boys that lead her into a new field of wellness and prevention. She started to think differently, about nutrition the living environment and natural products.  Moyra became a distributor for the company and built a business. 

It is a multi-level marketing company. As a traditional marketer, I have a bias against MLM as many people get caught ( including myself)  in the story and are disappointed when they do not have what it takes to live up to it.

However, The show is not about MLM so please don’t run…

Despite my prejudice, MLM can work if you do it right, you need the right personality and be willing to put in the time.  It is very much about people development and a good company with clean values and a good system can change lives. Moyra landed well with the organisation and has developed a business that has served her for 20 years.

However, the personal shift came 7 years ago when her daughter was diagnosed with a life-threatening mental health disorder. She learned that she need to take care of herself first and foremost in order to show up for life, the family and her business.

Our discussion is not about MLM it is about her development, change and discovery, it is about health and wellbeing. How being open to change is freedom plus how ballroom dancing could be a metaphor for life.    

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Moyra Gorski



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This conversation with David Farquhar is Part 2 of my ‘Sustainable Future Initiatives’ series. David is truly a serial entrepreneur who came out of retirement to head up ‘Intelligent Growth Solutions’ (IGS).

It started with a phone call in 2017…  “David, would you like to see my dad’s R&D Project, it is a vertical farm.”  After some initial reluctance, he went to visit the project.

“It totally blew my mind, it sits at the nexus of food and environment. Its feed the world and will do it sustainably.”

To give you a bit of background about why I wanted David on the show. The population of the world is growing and is expected to hit 8 to 9 billion by 2050. What with climate change and other factors reducing our capacity. Food production will be the next challenge going forward.

Over the next 50 years, the world will need 30% more food, using less water and less land. Vertical farming is about growing food indoors under controlled conditions and it promises to deliver real food and real change for people in the most difficult places of the world.



My full introduction for this podcast along with my Guest’s website and social links are all available at:



Life Passion & Business is dedicated to exploring what it takes to be Extraordinary, to face challenges and rejoice in the opportunities they bring, and expand our vision into new ways of thinking and living.

There is a lot to gain from listening to other people’s stories, however the real work begins by taking action in your own life.

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Running a podcast is fun, but it takes time and dedication. Whenever you enjoy a podcast please share your appreciation with comments, likes, shares and reviews. It helps other listeners find good content and supports the content creators and their guests.

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This week’s topic is Hummus & Hobbies with Ziad Zammer. Born in Lebanon, Ziad moved to Australia when he was 3 years old and at 10 he returned to Lebanon. He stayed there for 6 years before returning once again to Australia where he has lived ever since.  His life is a fusion of both cultures.

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At high school in Australia, Ziad did Business Studies and hated it. Which brought him to the decision that physical work was the better option.

He found work in the mines and stayed for few years, becoming became a driller. This inspired him to explore the oil and gas industry.  That led him back into study, he achieved a Bachelors degree in Petroleum and Drilling Engineering.

Working in the industry was good, well paid but not enough, and he longed to do more. In Arab culture, food is a big part of family life. So he decided the restaurant business was the place to fulfil his true potential. However, he had no knowledge or experience, and as it is often said,


If you want to loose money, start a restaurant”

My jaw dropped when Ziad said he managed the kitchen but hated cooking. But none of this stopped him. Working with his ex-wife Kaitlin Eterovich in 2016, they opened a Lebanese Arab fusion restaurant called The Hummus Club

This project is an example of being willing to take on a challenge with the purpose to fulfil a bigger objective.

Ziad Zammer The Hummus Club

Starting a new 100 seater restaurant business with 25 new staff, and none of them having any idea what they were doing might be considered crazy. And that’s how it looked for a while. Day one, nothing happened. Day two got better and within a few weeks, the restaurant was serving 100 plus covers a night.

This is an amazing story of how a project can be successful with passion and purpose at the helm. We talk about leadership, self-awareness, the wake call and the mistakes made along the way.

This is about values and failures and acceptance of who we are.

My conversation with Ziad is very candid and unexpected. His main reason for doing the podcast was to talk about his Baseball Card Collecting compulsion. So along with the highs and lows of being a restaurateur, there are some deep issues in this conversation. Amongst others they include the psychology of collecting.

There is one point in where he turns the tables on me and my inspiration for podcasting. Which gave me an interesting challenge.

Thank you for joining me with Ziad Zammer for Hummus & Hobbies. His links are below along with opportunities to enjoy more podcasts and resources on Life Passion & Business.






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This week I am talking to Janice Clyne, The Fermentation Specialist.

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We can all relate to food; it is an emotive subject and stirs memories, both good and some times not so good. Who remembers dreadful dinner dates or childhood associations?

I have a horror story around sprouts that stopped me eating them for years, but for the most part, some of my best memories with friends, lovers or family are related to food and drink.  

I am a foodie; cooking and sharing food is my thing. Food is never far from my mind, I know what I will be cooking on most days and I love to experiment. So when I first met Janice Clyne, it was with some excitement. Janice is a fermented food specialist, while most of us know our fermented drinks and our fermented flour (bread) there is a whole world of fermentation that is both fun and has enormous benefit to our health.

That was in the Change your world coaching group. In Facebook, groups engagement is often variable, but this week Janice had people sharing photos food and exploring new possibilities. I was hooked and could see a whole new area of taste and flavour possibility opening before me.

Janice started her career as a food research scientist; achieving a BSC Hons, MSC and going on to a PhD with a project in the whisky industry, working on the ageing process. She left the PhD to have her first child and never went back. Four girls later she has become a committed fermenter, food grower and educator/teacher of healthy choices.

This conversation is her journey through sourdough, kombucha, kefir, kimchi, kraut & fermented veggies! She is passionate to share her knowledge about the magical world of microbes and gut health. 80% of our immune system starts in the gut. 

Janice is the founder of Nourished by Nature, dedicated (some may say obsessed) with addressing the fast food, convenience, throw-away society. She is determined to address today’s chronic health issues by introducing people to the health affirming & delicious world of fermented foods & drinks.

For her it is about informing, supporting, & enabling people of all ages & backgrounds to enjoy better health, through making better-informed food choices, getting back into their kitchens & bringing the joy & pleasure back into cooking and eating real food!

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Janice Clyne. Do check the links in the show notes for her celebration cookbook that is spot on for the festive season.

You can also find Janice at

on Facebook, NourishedbyNatureUK and
on Instagram @benourishedbynature.


Next weeks show is all about play. A great subject with Christmas on the doorstep.

In the meantime if you would like to explore the Podcast’s 5 questions from your own perspective, do check out the 5 Questions Workbook on the Life Passion and Business website

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Welcome to this week’s Sunday reflection. These Shortcasts are mostly unplanned and are created as a way of connecting with you through whatever is occurring for me in the moment.

Last week I had a piece of music running through my head. It had been ghosting me for days and is a particular recording of the Lou Reed ‘Perfect Day’ song that was done by the BBC years ago. It’s a personal favourite of mine that often pops up when I reflect on my perfect days. I believe songs that ghost us are there as a reminder of something and that’s why I did Perfect Day last week.

However, on this occasion I realised the song had been triggered by a topic of conversation in the Change Your World Everyday personal development group. The coach that week was Sally Baker and as always it was an interesting conversation.

Last week I forgot to add Change Your World and Sally Baker into the footnote links. I have gone back and added them, but I just want mention it here because they both do some great work and are worth checking out. Link here to the Perfect Day Shortcast.


This week’s topic has arisen out of a conversation with my Mother-in-Law, which directed my thoughts towards the question…

“What are you missing that is right in front of you”.

I love making wild food. It has been fantastic bringing food in from the newly established garden plot this year, and this is something I will expand on in years to come. I also love foraging for free food, there is a lot of satisfaction in picking something up that would be left to rot and making good use of it. Or trying out something new like I did with last year’s acorns.

One thing that has always fascinated me is the rarer foods. The things we don’t see very often. My mother-in-law recently pointed out that the two bushes in my front garden are quince. These bushes have been there for years and I keep trimming them back when they get big, but I never knew what they were.

It was right in front of me and I didn’t know it!

Apparently they are Japanese Ornamental Quince and they produce a fruit that has an amazing perfumed smell and makes a delicious quince jelly. Having discovered what they are, I have now discovered that the riverbank opposite our house is full of them! So I have been out foraging and started making my own quince jelly.

All the years I have lived here, and I didn’t know that resource was there – right in front of me. Which made me wonder what else is in our lives that we don’t know is there? What is it that we don’t do, that we are not aware that we could do?

Looking at my health journey, if you had told me years ago that I could be this healthy at 57, I wouldn’t have believed it were possible, and yet this resource has always been here for me I just never explored it. The same thing with the Podcasting journey.

Inner Resources

There are so many things that are just in front of us, and we don’t reach out and grab them. The quince has been such a fascinating eye opener. An opportunity to look and see what’s out there, all around us and within us. Unless we look we don’t see what’s available all the time, just waiting to be grasped.

In the business world companies are starting to do an audit of the resources they have within their organization that they weren’t aware of. They have been used to looking outside the organization to pull new resources in, and all along they already had them and didn’t know it.

So this week’s gift, thanks to the quince is to be open to what’s possible, be open to what’s in front of us, because sometimes what we want is staring us in the face.

So my invitation this week is have a look around your life. What is there that you are not seeing, and what could be useful?


Before I go, just a quick reminder that I will be back Live on the Facebook page at 5pm on Wednesday evening with my LIVE@5 where I will be talking about the forthcoming event Spirit-duality and sharing a bit about my personal journey.



A Perfect Day Shortcast

Life Passion & Business Facebook Page

Spirit-duality Virtual Event

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September 27, 2020

A Perfect Day

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What is the perfect day? Have you ever considered what this looks like?

The point is, other than for big occasions, we don’t spend enough time actually creating our perfect days. Is this because we are afraid of setting up an agenda for disappointment?

Also, are perfect days only perfect when we look back on them and see them in a different light? For example our prominent memories are the ones we focus on, so when we look back we draw out those prominent points, and we constantly recreate our feelings around those points, which can distort what actually happened at the time of the event.


So when you reflect on a perfect day in your life, can you re-connect with the feelings of that event? Could you think back to what was a perfect day and could you recreate that day? What does it feel like now?

Sean Anchor on Happiness

I while back I watched a talk by Sean Anchor who suggests that before you go to sleep each night, that you replay the highlights (the best bits) of your day, and create a gratitude list. (Link to the talk below)

He suggests enhancing and reinforcing the best bits so that we get to experience them twice and when we look back we remember each day from a positive perspective.

What about creating perfect days going forward?

When I woke this morning, I knew the topic for this podcast was going to be the Perfect Day so I thought, perhaps I’d better focus on creating this day as a perfect day.

Last night I planned to bake bread today. So that was the first think I wanted to do. Then I did 15 minutes of Yoga and went out for a 45 minute run, followed by creating this podcast. So far this day is shaping up to be perfectly what I want it to be, but the key is not to be attached to the outcome.

For example the bread may not have come out as perfectly as it did. Would I have let that spoil my perfect day?

Give yourself some wiggle room.

If we want to keep creating the things we want and re-creating perfect days in the future, we have to give ourselves some wiggle room and accept what comes, but remained focused on the positive aspects. This is how we develop an abundance mentality.

So whatever you choose today, I hope it’s a good one for you.

Getting Stuff Done

In the last event we talked about getting the stuff done. Implementing action plans to do the things we want to do to move forward. This is something I am passionate about, not only in my own life, but in supporting others in theirs too.

Through Life Passion & Business I offer Focus Coaching to help you get stuff done and I believe this is key in moving things forward through these difficult times.

Focus coaching identifies what you want, identify the blocks, take away those blocks and support you to make it happen and the amazing thing is this can be done in focused 20 minute sessions.

If you are interested follow the links below for more details.


Life Passion & Business Focus Coaching

Shawn Achor TedTalk

Change Your World Everyday Coaching Group
Coach / Speaker: Sally Baker


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September 9, 2020

Martin Murray : Rock Rose Gin

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Over the last few weeks we decided to spring clean of the website and it is amazing what you find when you start digging into the archives.

Some of those early podcasts have great stories, that stand the test of time and of course being so early on in the life of this project they have not been seen by many people. With that in mind, I am returning this week to Martin Murray and the story of Rock Rose Gin.

Over the last 20 years the growth and interest in spirits in the UK has been enormous. First it was with the Whisky industry, then it was Vodka. I suspect the interest in Vodka came about because the younger generation didn’t like the alcohol their parents were drinking.

I remember when Hooch first went on sale. It was alcoholic lemonade, and was used in cocktails but never appreciated in it own right. Always being the poor cousin to Gin.

Part of the problem is that Gin was produced on a mass-production scale with the same flavour and taste. The shift came when the regulations were challenged and changed around the legal size of stills. Originally a still had to be 1800 litres which meant that the column for that still would be over 4 metres high and very much precluded small-scale production.

That law was challenged around 2009-2010 and it open the door of opportunity for craft distilling of Gin.

Martin Murray took the university route, went to look for work and discovered there was none in brewing and distilling, so ended up in the oil and gas industry. He remained there for many years until circumstances coincided with this change in the law that allowed him to start exploring the idea of opening a distillery, that is now home to the famous Rock Rose Gin.

This recorded interview was made March 2018 and since then Rock Rose Gin has grown and developed.

The company has won numerous awards for unique Gins, unique flavours and innovation. They are the first company to develop a completely recyclable gin pouch which can be posted, so it is now possible to buy Gin by mail, refill the your bottle and then return the pouch to them for recycling.

This is the story of Martin Murray, a man that has always been passionate about brewing and the drinks industry. It is his journey from a successful career in the oil and gas industry to rekindling his passion for brewing and distilling.

In our interview, you will hear about the choices he made and how it all began, the experiments, and ‘Holy Grass’. I hope you enjoy the conversation with Martin Murray.


Links from the programme:-

Rock Rose Gin is widely available in the UK and is exported to many countries.

The Distillery in Dunnet is open to the public, and you can connect with Martin through the website or his linkedin profile.

The Ted Talk mentioned can be found HERE

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