Exploring the creativity of the human spirit with just five simple questions. Those questions give us a window to explore the journey and life story of people that look like they have it sorted.


October 2, 2017

If you ask me what’s it all about? I would have to start by saying I have always been curious about everything. I love hearing people’s stories especially when the achievements have been big and the journey to get there has been tough. Let's face it, there is no achievement without the struggle to get there. It’s the setbacks and challenges that make it worthwhile while and they are the stories we love to tell over and over again.

Moving People Forward

Another thing I am passionate about is moving people forward. You could say it’s my life’s purpose and those who know me well will tell you it’s true. It’s one of the things I became aware of when I started my life discovery quest.

Sometimes it’s just little things like starting a conversation with a bored looking checkout assistant, and other times it’s supporting people with the bigger things. Whether it’s friends, family, colleagues or clients there’s often a way to lift people up and it feels good when you see it happen.

My greatest sadness in life is that I was never able to help my dad move forward. He had a tough life which probably stems from finding his mother dead on the bathroom floor when he was just 8 years old. Life was never easy after that and he started work young with the belief that you get a job and you stick at it whether you like it or not.

His great love was my mum. She was bubbly and outgoing and he was happy to tag along with whatever she was doing. Sadly she passed away many years before he did and he never really recovered.

My dad’s death was a turning point for me. I could see myself settling into a midlife rut and didn’t want to end up like him, with sadness and regrets. But I didn’t know how to do it.


Everything starts with an action.

Recognising I needed to do something, my first instinct was to reach out to people who were living the dream and discover how they got there. Because I love talking and enjoy listening to podcasts, it wasn’t long before the idea of starting my own emerged.

It took a year, and in the early days the guests were people I knew and the gaps were filled with my own life experiences.


Link to the first Podcast HERE

Now, several years later and with well over 100 conversations, the Podcast has become my main focus. It’s very satisfying to see the stats steadily rising and knowing there are people who enjoy listening.

My questions were formed out of my personal search for answers. Over the years I am recognising how life changing it can be to just stop and reflect on these important life issues…

  • What’s it all for and how do we stay passionate and motivated?
  • What does being successful really mean? Is it all about getting the house, the car, and the job or is there more to it than that?
  • How do I measure my value in the world? What am I giving that makes it worth while?

And from these questions the inevitable next one is…


The one thing that’s certain is the meaning of life will be different for everyone. The only way we will find it is by starting the search.

Whether that is seeking it in the world around us, or finding it within, the journey is rich and exciting. This is what makes the bumps in the road worthwhile.

So, what’s it all about for me? People and family, business, fitness, hobbies. I do a lot. My wife says I never stop, but every day is filled with things I enjoy doing.

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