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October 24, 2021

Shortcast : Living The Story

This weeks shortcast 'Living The Story' is inspired by my recent trip to Bristol and the controversial media coverage and history of the Colston Statue.

Edward Colston was a 16th century merchant whose statue was erected to venerate the £71,000 he left for charity. It was successfully pulled of its plinth and ceremoniously dumped in the river during the Black Lives Matters demonstrations last year. The media portrayed this as an act of vandalism, and yet the Story goes much deeper.

Colston was a slave trader responsible for the death of 19,000 African slaves. The people of Bristol have been campaigning to have this statue removed for over 20 years. 

Life is full of Stories like this, and revealing the hidden truths is challenging. 


My conversation is an exploration of how these stories run our lives, why it is useful to become aware of the narratives we are running; check that they are serving us; and not taking us into pointless or unhelpful places.


If you want to learn more about the Colston Statue, it currently resides in Bristol's M Shed Museum awaiting the decision of it's future. Link to the online version of their display here:



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This week’s conversation draws our attention to the plight of non diagnosed Dyslexia through Simon Rumney’s life of shame and the inspiration it now brings to his writing.


Simon has battled with low self-worth, shame and guilt his entire life.

“I was a failure in the womb.” 

It all stems from a loveless childhood with traumatized parents and un-diagnosed Dyslexia which left him unprepared for the world. Although he has managed to be hugely successful with his career and prospects, he consistently sabotaged it. Only now, at the age of 66, does he feel close to getting on top of his chronic shame and self-deprecation.

What Simon brings to this conversation is a wealth of inspiration for people with learning disabilities and insight for those who live and work with them. Moreover, it gives the rest of us an opportunity to open our eyes to the ways we communicate and understand each other.




In the podcast I mention the Davis Method: Here is a link to this and the British Dyslexia Association:

To learn more about Simon, Dyslexics Unanimous and his three books, follow this link to the podcast post on Life Passion & Business website:



Life Passion & Business is dedicated to exploring what it takes to be Extraordinary, to face challenges and rejoice in the opportunities they bring, and expand our vision into new ways of thinking and living.

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With it being 4th July there can really only be one topic of conversation; the exploration of Independence and what it means.

Whilst today is the day America celebrates it’s independence from the UK, it is also the day my wife and I moved in together and began our exploration of interdependence. So my thoughts naturally turn to what that means to us as a couple, what it means in relationship to raising children and living in community with others. In this context, communal living can mean the local communities we create with friends and family or the larger community created as a nation.

There are several aspects to explore here:

Dependence, Independence, Co-dependence and Interdependence.

What is the difference between them? How do we create a balance that healthily supports each individual to flourish and contribute their best to the whole? I hope you will join me as I share my personal thoughts on this. I also invite you to continue your own exploration with the following questions:

  • Where do you express independence?
  • Where are you dependent on others?
  • Do you have any co-dependent relationships?
  • Where could you allow more interdependence into your life?


Life Passion & Business Podcast is about finding answers to life’s big questions through weekly interview with guest speakers. The Shortcast is my ongoing commitment to staying inquisitive and passionate about life with whatever is alive for me each week. Follow the links below to discover what else is on offer.



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Today’s guest is Tracy Lamourie and our conversation topic is Activism and International PR.  Tracy always wanted to be a writer or a journalist, so began with the school newspaper. By nature Tracy has always been an activist. With striking red hair and a wicked sense of humor I can see why she is now an undeniable force in the world. Today she is an award-winning international publicist, but that wasn’t her original plan.


She met her husband, Dave Parkinson through a chance meeting when she was in her early 20s. Together they explored their mutual interest in advocacy work, racism, sexism and activism.  They co-hosted a radio show called Uppercut on CIUT Toronto where they explored these topics. 


Building A Reputation In Activism & PR


Tracy and Dave became advocates for Jimmy Dennis while exploring the arena of wrongful convictions and the death penalty state side. Their campaign secured Jimmy’s release in 2015, by which time he had been on death row for 20 years. Tracy’s drive and passion to get Jimmy’s story heard is what contributed to his freedom today. Since his release Jimmy has become a recording artist.


Tracy has always been passionate about human rights and giving a voice to the unrepresented. Working on the campaign for Jimmy and others enabled her to develop her skills in PR and Media relations. She has learned how to harness this power to the best advantage.


“Over the years our pro bono work got our advocacy featured in media worldwide from Der Speigal in Germany to CNN to the front pages of newspapers in Florida and Texas”


Tracy’s Media & PR Business


Recognising this was her niche, Tracy began developing it as her business in 2015. The business is now known as Lamourie Media and her success is signified with Media and PR awards. Tracy is known as a Public Relations thought leader and is frequently quoted on Human Rights issues. She is also a regular guest on TV, Radio and Podcasts worldwide on topics of ‘Leadership, Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship’. 


“With my clients, I seek to amplify, elevate and celebrate.” 


Tracy has a lot to say. She is sharp witted and has drive, passion, which is probably the contributing factor for the reason she speaks quickly. I had to slow her down a few times to take it all in, but I hope you enjoy this fast pacing conversation with Tracy Lamourie.



Thank you for joining me for Activism & PR with Tracy Lamourie. Her links are below along with opportunities to enjoy more podcasts and other resources on the Life Passion & Business website.

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My guest on the programme today is Jennifer Herndon, who went from a death-row attorney to Entrepreneur. Her career started straight from law school, as a criminal defence lawyer. She had a successful career for over 25 years, a significant part of that was defending people on death row.

Jennifer has always been passionate about helping people. In the legal world that was people who are termed indigent. A simple word that seems so lovely and yet it covers its true meaning. Which is people who are poor, destitute, penniless, or impoverished, the legal profession likes to sanitise words and the people in society that might be called less desirable.

These people cannot help themselves, and Jenniffer was there to support them, particularly those facing the ultimate penalty. She passionately believes the death penalty is morally wrong, and she fought for her clients for many years.

Her highest satisfaction, from her time as a defence lawyer, was being instrumental in a change of US law, how does it get better than that?

The legal career was about changing life and death decisions, and sadly, for many of her clients, those cards were not in their favour. Jennifer, she did not win those arguments; you will hear some of that story.

It is the kind of work that takes its toll, and while Jennifer never lost the passion for representing people. She began to feel part of the system, part of the process of execution. She was getting burnt out and looking to change. It came in that she as fired.

She moved out of the law into online marketing. Like all of us, she fell into all of the traps before she found her way.

We discuss the easy button as if it exists?

How to ride the storm

The show is her journey out of the laws and into a new life. Jennifer is a single mother of one and five adopted children some with unique needs, and she has created a life that works for and her family

Jennifer's gift is helping people the challenge was making it pay, and this is her story.

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